BT phone disconnect scam

posted 14 Oct 2010, 03:24 by Yateley NW Sec

This is an old scam,  but is still very active.  It was featured on the BBC Radio 4 programme, 'You and Yours' on 13th October 2010.

BT is warning customers to be on their guard after a series of phone scams involving people claiming to be calling from the company.

The scammers call up their victim and warn them that their account is in arrears.

They then ask for card or bank details in order to settle the account.

If the person refuses or asks for proof, the fraudsters then offer to prove who they are by disconnecting the phone line then and there.

Once the victim puts the phone down, the scammer stays connected to their line, thus giving the impression that the customer's line no longer works.

BT says it does sometimes make calls to customers about debt - but stresses that it never carries out disconnections during the call.

It advises customers not to give out any banking details over the phone unless they are absolutely certain who they are dealing with.

Yateley chair honoured by Police - June 2010

posted 5 Oct 2010, 07:50 by Yateley NW Sec   [ updated 5 Oct 2010, 08:35 ]

The Chair of the Yateley Neighbourhood Watch has been honoured for his outstanding service to the community.

                          Wally Seymour receives his award  
                          Wally Seymour receives his award

Wally Seymour, 81, has helmed the local chapter of the influential Neighbourhood Watch scheme for the last three years.
Hampshire Constabulary and the Hampshire Neighbourhood Watch Association recently presented Mr Seymour with an award in recognition of his dedicated recruitment of Neighbourhood Watch advocates within Yateley.
Councillor Ken Thornber, Leader of Hampshire County Council, acknowledged Wally’s role:
“Many congratulations to Wally for getting this well deserved accolade. He is a shining example of how older people have an important role to play in their communities,” he said. “Our Good Neighbour Awards aim to honour those like Wally whose contribution to their communities is invaluable.”
Since filling the position, Wally has succeeded in nearly tripling the number of street co-ordinators in the Yateley area, with numbers rising from 24 to 67.
 Margaret Filley, President of the Hampshire Neighbourhood Watch Association said: “Wally is such a special gentleman. He is very rare. Even though he is in his 80s he is still working in such an enthusiastic and committed way and as a result of his enthusiasm he is setting up one Neighbourhood Watch scheme a month in streets and communities in the Yateley area."
“He understands what strong support an effective Neighbourhood Watch can be in reducing crime and reducing the fear of crime. Wally also understands, and is passionate about, people coming together to support and encourage that community spirit.”
The bestowing of the award comes in advance of Hampshire’s Good Neighbour Awards, previously covered by Fleet-People. The initiative allows local people to nominate deserving neighbours for recognition of their work within the community

(Article courtesy of Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network  ) 

Rogue Traders - Driveways 2/08/2010

posted 27 Aug 2010, 11:18 by Yateley NW Sec

Warning - Rogue Traders are cold calling in Oakley, Basingstoke  and surrounding areas of Hampshire offering to carryout work on driveways etc.  They are not providing consumers with the required notice of right to cancel, which gives consumers a 7 day cooling off period and  they are starting work before this period ends without any written consent from householders.  

Householders are advised that recent changes to planning laws have resulted in planning permission being required for some block paving and tarmac work on driveways.  Further advice on these requirements can be obtained from your local authority Planning Department.  The onus in obtaining this permission lies with the householder and not the business carrying out this work and some traders appear to be abusing this position.

If anyone has any information about these traders or requires any advice on doorstep crime they can contact Hampshire County Council's Quick Response Team on 01962 833666, where specially trained officers are on hand to provide assistance.

Hampshire Trading Standards Service always advise residents to say “No” to all doorstep cold callers and if they require any work/service carried out on their property to consider using a trader that has been recommended to them or the Hampshire County Council Buy With Confidence approved trader scheme, details of which can be found online at   or by  calling Consumer   Direct  on 08454 040506

Electric Blanket Safety Checks 15/07/2010

posted 27 Aug 2010, 11:14 by Yateley NW Sec

In September and October we will be conducting electric blanket safety checks throughout Hampshire.  Is it possible you could circulate to your NW groups?  We are conscious that not everyone is aware of these checks or the 'shelf life' of an electric blanket! 

Electric Blanket Safety Checks throughout Hampshire.

Appointments necessary by telephoning 01962 833 358  (details on times and locations will be advised)

Gosport, Eastleigh, New Milton, Andover, Basingstoke, Petersfield, Fareham, Havant, Lymington, Romsey, Alton, Fleet, Winchester, Waterlooville, Hythe, Totton, Portchester, Bordon and Farnborough.

If you have any queries, please telephone for advice.

'Neighbourhood Watch Support' Scam 7/07/2010

posted 27 Aug 2010, 11:09 by Yateley NW Sec

A resident in South London has reported a possible scam taking place in his locality.
A man claiming to represent ‘Neighbourhood Watch Support’ telephoned to say that a Neighbourhood Watch brochure was going out to all the local residents. The caller was encouraging local businesses to advertise in this brochure.
The resident agreed to place an advertisement and later received a further phone call from a company calling itself ‘Business Community Support Multimedia’. The caller took some details over the phone.
At a later date the resident received a letter with a ‘proof’ for the advertisement. Apart from the name of the business and the contact phone number, every detail was incorrect. The accompanying letter said that unless any amendments were received within five days (by phone, email or fax) they would assume that the details were correct and place the advert.
The resident tried several times to contact the company by email and phone but to no avail, finding his emails unanswered and his phone calls cut off. Luckily he had not yet paid any money for the advertisement.
We would like to make it clear that there is no such organisation as ‘Neighbourhood Watch Support’ and the Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network does not produce any such local brochures nor contract Business Community Support Multimedia to do so.
If you have any concerns, questions or issues you would like to raise relating to this, please contact us on or 0116 229 3118 and do not agree to anything over the telephone or on your doorstep.

Email Scam 20/04/2010

posted 27 Aug 2010, 10:44 by Yateley NW Sec

Alert received from Sue Gibson,  Hampshire Constabulary, Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator.

I would like to bring your attention to a particularly nasty scam which is doing the rounds at the moment and which a member of NW has alerted me too.
This scam caused the member great distress as it told her that a friend of hers was in London (visiting from a different Country), and had been attacked and her money, mobile phone and credit cards had been stolen and that she needed some money to get back to her Country as she was scared here and that she would return the money once home. She said she still had her passport so the member could wire her the money via Western Union and she could collect it.
The NW member knew this lady as a great friend and it was all the more believable as she knew her friend was due to come to the UK for a family funeral.
The member rang the Police and received good advice about what to do in this situation and she continued to try to get her 'friend' to call her or her husband so they could help her.  There was no call - why - because it was not really her friend.  Someone had obtained all the email contacts from her friends computer and had sent 60 emails to her contacts stating the same thing and could they send money to help.
The advice I would like to give is the following:
1) Use appropriate protection on your computer systems as per the manufacturers or reputable computer company guidelines.
2) NEVER open an email if you don't recognise the sender.
3) If you recognise the sender and it is an odd sounding email, try to ascertain through other means whether it really is the sender you know.
4) Ensure no one knows your password on your email account.
These tips will not guarantee you will not be caught out with a scam, however they may help, if anyone has further advice against hackers (as my IT knowledge is not as good as some) then please feel free to contact me and I will happily pass the advice on. As always, if you are unsure please check with a reputable company that deals with computer queries.
In all cases of genuine concern please contact the Police.

Crime Research UK & SAS Security (Alarms) 20/04/2010

posted 27 Aug 2010, 10:39 by Yateley NW Sec   [ updated 27 Aug 2010, 10:41 ]

As some of you might be aware, several residents in our areas have been contacted telephonically by an organisation calling themselves Crime Research UK (and various other derivatives thereof, i.e. Crime Prevention Service) enquiring as to their age, whether they belong to a Neighbourhood Watch or if they have an alarm system. In a number of the reported incidents reference was made by the caller that the company was working in partnership with, on behalf of, or with the knowledge of Hampshire Constabulary.
We have been in contact with Surrey Trading Standards who have had previously dealings with SAS Security. SAS is related to Crime Research UK.
According to Trading Standards there is not much we can do in terms of the calls being made and they have advised that residents call Consumer Direct (08454 04 05 06) should they receive any phone calls. Alternatively you can call the Police on 0845 045 45 45.

Rogue Traders - Roof Repairs 12/03/2010

posted 27 Aug 2010, 10:36 by Yateley NW Sec

Warning from Trading Standards

Warning – Rogue Traders are cold calling in Alton offering roof repairs. On one occasion they cold called on an elderly resident telling them some of their tiles were loose, which they offered to repair for a small amount of money. Then once they were up on the roof they found 'further problems' which would cost more.

If anyone has any information about these traders or requires any advice on doorstep crime they can contact Hampshire County Council's Quick Response Team on 01962 833666, where specially trained officers are on hand to provide assistance.

Pressure Sales re burglar alarms 22/01/2010

posted 27 Aug 2010, 10:31 by Yateley NW Sec

Warning from Trading Standards

It has come to the attention of Hampshire Trading Standards Service that a crime research company is currently telephoning residents in the county claiming to be authorised to carryout research on crime in the area and then offer to arrange for a security company to visit and survey properties for security purposes, ie burglar and smoke alarms.

It has been suggested that that high pressure sales takes place and often they offer the equipment “free” but only if customers sign up to a costly monitoring agreement.  Other incidents claim that installation costs are extremely high.

Please be on your guard about these types of cold callers either over the telephone or on your doorstep.  If you have already arranged for a visit by a salesman and/or require any assistance concerning this or similar cold calling matters please do not hesitate to contact our

Quick Response Team on 01962 833666

Hampshire Trading Standards Service operates an approved trader scheme called Buy With Confidence which includes security companies.  Information about this scheme is available online at or by telephoning Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06.

Warning re sale of Massaging Equipment 12/10/2009

posted 27 Aug 2010, 10:21 by Yateley NW Sec   [ updated 27 Aug 2010, 10:25 ]

It has come to the attention of Hampshire Trading Standards, that a Company offering mobility equipment has been operating in Bishopstoke and West End areas in Hampshire.

Information suggests they target elderly and vulnerable members of the public in their own homes.  Their usual approach is either to telephone or knock on your door giving the impression they are connected with a Health Authority or associated services. 

As a result, a "free" shoulder massage is offered and a handheld massaging piece of equipment is used.  If the victims show an interest a salesman visits at a later that day and gives a demonstration of a massaging device which is inside a bed mattress. The end result is that he'll try to sell you a new mattress charging anything from £1500 - £4000.  Please be aware of such occurrences and if approached please report the matter straight away to the Trading Standards Quick Response Team on 01962 833666. 

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