Police warn people to be vigilant after several street robberies

posted 24 Jan 2012, 10:23 by Yateley NW Sec   [ updated 24 Jan 2012, 10:24 ]
Published: 13/01/2012

Detectives in Aldershot are warning the public to be vigilant and think about their personal security after a number of reports of street robberies in the area. 

People are reminded not to walk alone in unlit areas late at night, and not to advertise their belongings – that is walk around with your expensive smartphone or Ipod on show. 

Detective Sergeant Karen Lillywhite said: “I want to reassure members of the public that this is not a huge problem in the Aldershot area, but want to take this opportunity to remind people to keep their property safe and not to put themselves at risk. 

“Planning your route home on well-lit paths for example, and keeping your belongings secure when out and about are just small things you can do to help prevent becoming a victim of this type of crime. 

“Equally, if you see anyone acting suspiciously, please call us on 101.”