Police warning after supermarket car park distraction thefts

posted 14 May 2013, 14:57 by Yateley NW Sec

Published: Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hampshire Police are warning supermarket shoppers to beware of strangers who strike up conversations as groceries are being loaded into cars.

The warning comes after the theft of a purse from a Winsor woman, 59, as she was asked directions to a hospital. When she had finished loading her car, she noticed that her purse, containing £20 and bank and store cards, had been stolen from another part of her car.

Between 5.40 and 6.30pm Friday, April 26, the woman was in Morrisons car park, off Spruce Drive, Totton, when she was approached by a smartly dressed man for directions. While she explained the route, another person took her purse from inside the car.

The distracting man is described as tan-skinned, in his early forties, stocky and 5ft to 5ft 5ins tall. He was clean shaven with short black balding hair and wore a black zip up jacket with a white shirt, tie and black trousers. He spoke with a foreign accent.

PC Jonathan York warned shoppers to be on their guard. "Please be very careful when loading your car, if a stranger comes to talk to you. Best of all, keep valuable items, such as purses, with you or in full sight," he said.

PC York also is appealing for information from anyone who has had a similar experience or anyone who witnessed the incident.

(A similar distraction theft occurred at Waitrose,  Alton, on April 17th)