Computer Support Scam

posted 1 Oct 2010, 11:36 by Yateley NW Sec
There is a scam in which an Asian sounding person phones to tell people that they are from microsoft and can tell that your computer has hundreds of viruses that is slowing it down and causing problems to other user in the area.  They go on to say that they will log on remotely and clean it up for 150 pounds.
They ask for some computer details and log into the computer with some remote access software.

In the instance I know of, at the end, the chap was asked for another £4 because the girlfriend of the caller was stuck in India without any calling credit and couldn't call home.  Our friend then realised that he had given the guy his details to bill him 150 pounds and that this must be a scam.  The caller later called back asking him for another £90 for a full years support. He didn't fall for that.

It may be worth circulating this on neighborhood watch.  Many people have cluttered pc's that are running slow and would fall for this. Of course, the number calling is withheld..........

This happened to a friend of ours.  My husband went and de-installed the software for remote access that the caller had installed remotely (with the co-operation of the victim) and the friend cancelled his credit card and got a new one.